Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall Training - Starts Thursday Sept 27th

Fall Training is every Thursday from 6:30 to about 7:30 at Westview Park starting on Thursday, Sept 27th!   Meet on the North side

The basic idea is to help people transition from summer sports to skiing

For fall training, we do some light jogging, ski-walking/striding, agility work, and some core work

Also, here are some videos from our core program that we had designed for us by the amazing coach Twila Cuthbert!

A basic plan with these exercises for getting ready for Skiing would be to very gradually build up to the video exercises (8 exercises in total) twice a week.  You could build up to the reps covered in the post over 4 or 5 weeks.

Once winter starts, its still good to do these at a "maintenance" level of at least once a week.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Let the season begin ....

Here we go - another awesome Downtown Nordic season coming up!!!

As a club, we now have adult programs, jackrabbits, and a new junior group!

Here are the details of our adult programs:

1) Optional fall training - starts September 27th - Westview Park

2) Instructional sessions - Tuesdays and Thursdays in December and early January

3) Fitness & Instructional sessions continue from mid-January to mid-February on most Tuesdays and Thursdays

Instructional Groups are at three levels:
→Athletic Beginner

Cost → $65 and includes all adult programs offered by the club
Location → all on-snow instructional sessions will be held at the awesome Windsor Park Nordic trails
Time → all sessions start at 7PM.

You must also pay Windsor Park Nordic Centre fees to ski on the trails.

Register HERE:

See you soon Snow!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Club Photos

We need to decide which photo to go with, let me know ...

The behind-the-scenes story of my Vasaloppet race last year:

Guest post by Steve Scoles – 2017 USA Vasaloppet winner

Happy New Year! And here’s to a new entry to the blog – rather than an update from myself, this is a post written by Steve Scoles. Steve and I connected in Winnipeg this past summer at the Canada Summer Games – he was commentating for the mountain bike events I was competing in. And it was the craziest thing; to meet someone new, but so connected to the ski world I’d just stepped away from, in the midst of what felt like a completely different adventure. After talking more and learning Steve’s story, and how I had unknowingly inspired change in his life, through sharing stories of my own sporting endeavours, I really felt my heart smiling at how incredibly small and intertwined the world seems sometimes.
In any case, I feel truly privileged to have been part (albeit unknowingly) of Steve’s remarkable accomplishments and am continually inspired by him, and so many other people I know who are constantly striving to do better, and become better versions of themselves. I hope you enjoy this post, it may seem like a crazy story, but hey – if you let your mind believe… There is also a great summary of the facts behind Steve’s double poling progress and success near the end of the post.

How Jenn’s Broken Leg Three Years Ago Helped Me Win the Vasaloppet
Thanks to Jenn for letting me onto her blog to tell a story about how her blog helped me win Vasaloppet this year (the USA version of the Vasaloppet that is).
The story starts exactly three years ago this week when Jenn broke her leg before a ski race in Rossland. Remember this …

Monday, January 1, 2018

DN Schedule

Here is our schedule for January and February - click on the calendar to make it larger!

Monday, November 27, 2017

Resilient Skiers

Hey, Here are 8 of the 16 exercises that Twila demonstrated for us and a couple of weeks ago (we have another session on Wednesday, November 29th at Windsor Park 6:30 to 8:00)

Here is the full program.  Exercises are in sets of 4 different exercises.  The goal is to do with 2 rotations through each set of 4 exercises (and then move to the next set of 4).  Start with 3 to 4 reps of each exercise and then build to 8 to 12 reps.

Consider starting with the 8 exercises in the video and then after 3 or 4 weeks, add in three or four more exercises ... building until you can do all 16 different exercises.

These could be done twice a week.  Or, to save some time, but still get a good range of work, once per week for the full set of 16 exercises and once per week for just 8 of the 16 exercises.

Downtown Nordic Strength Session #1

Alternating dead bug
Front plank alternating reaches
Side hip raises
Foam roller mountain climbers

1-leg hip bridge
Dirty dogs
Hip bridge with alternating knee extension
Push ups

Stability ball shoulder trio
1-leg 3 point touches (aka “3 point stride pattern”)
TRX, bench or plank rows
Goblet front squat

1/2 side plank leg lifts
Alternating plank up downs
Clock lunges (12/3/6)
Foam roller 1-arm fly

Monday, November 6, 2017

DN Adult Registration

DN Adult program registration is now open.  Once ski season is in full swing, we will have a variety of sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights at Windsor Park Nordic Center.  Stay tuned for a more detailed program.

Registration will close the first week of December.


FOR MORE INFO: contact steve_scoles at hotmail

We will teach you not to do this:

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The boys of winter

For the first time in over 5 years, the original Downtown Nordic founders reunited in Canmore for the National Championships:

Tim W - original DN head coach and now assistant coach with the Thunder Bay National Development Team.

Steven W - original DN president and now DN Chief Jackrabbit and also head wax tech for Manitoba Provincial Team.

Steve S - original DN mascot and now DN director of performance and assistant junior Nationals announcer.

The smiles did not last long.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Downtown Nordic Picture Contest

On behalf of Gord Buhr:

Most of us have our toques by now so we're sporting some pretty awesome toquehead.   I'm sure we're all wearing them all day long, aren't we?  
So we're having a toque picture contest.   4 categories.

1)Furthest away from Winnipeg. (Pic must include proof of location)
3)Fan favorite(best overall picture)
4)Picture that best depicts club spirit.

In all cases the picture MUST feature the NEW Downtown Nordic toque.   If a group photo is chosen the prize will go to the person who took the picture.  Contest open to Downtown Nordic members only and only pictures posted on the Downtown Nordic Facebook page will be considered.

Anyone can post a pic for the contest.   Please caption it for the category you are entering it.  For the "Fan Favorite" category the pic with the most "likes" will be considered the winner.

In the spirit of fairness I will exclude myself from all categories except "furthest away" and "fan favorite" as these will be decided by impartial means.  

The judges for the other categories (funniest and club spirit) will be chosen  by a panel of 3 judges including myself (Gord Buhr) Steve Scoles and an as yet to be named judge (Any volunteers?)

Prizes expect to be awarded at our wind up event in March...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Loppet

What is a Loppet?

If you are new to the cross-country skiing community, you may have wondered if a loppet was some kind of furred animal or a specific ski technique you haven't mastered.

Loppet: Noun. A large, long distance (approximately 35+ kilometre) cross country skiing event.

Starting the Vasaloppet in Sweden.
Examples of famous loppets include the Vasaloppet in Sweden (90KM, 15,000 skiers), and the American Birkebeiner in Haywood, Wisconsin (a favourite of many DN club members at 51/56KM and 10,000 skiers).

Have no fear, anyone can participate and become a "loppeteer",  it just takes a certain amount of training and motivation. Many loppet events are open to all ages, offer open or non-competitive categories, and also shorter distance options for those just getting into the sport. You can even ski a full loppet at a touring pace, as long as you are mindful of the cut-off times on the course.

A loppet can involve good friendly competition between you and others in your age category (or outside of it) but a big part of a loppet revolves around supporting the ski community that is involved in planning and putting on the event, most often on a volunteer basis. Many hours go into grooming the course, setting up the staging areas and finish line, and of course, preparing food and drink for aid stations, and working out timing and post-race prize awards.

During a loppet, though there can be some tight competition at the front of the pack, the mood on the course is supportive and courteous - even when you're getting passed, someone will often turn back and call out "keep it up!"

The Whiteshell Cross Country Ski Club has hosted the Manitoba Loppet in Pinawa for the past 40 years, and the 41st is coming up this Saturday, January 21. The full loppet is a 30k ski, but there is a 15k distance also. See you there?

Manitoba Loppet Race Notice:

Upcoming Loppets:

41st Manitoba Loppet, Pinawa, Saturday, January 21
City of Lakes Loppet, February 3-5
Canadian Birkebeiner, February 10-11
Gatineau Loppet, February 18
Minnesota Finlandia, February 18
American Birkebeiner, February 25
Sleeping Giant Loppet, March 4
Riding Mountain Loppet: March 4

Post-loppet bliss!