Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Snow!

First snow of the year and we got lots of it.  The transition from roller skiing to real skiing in Winnipeg can be a rather tortuous affair most years -- usually dragging on for weeks (or months like last year).  But this year is as good as it gets.  On Friday, I roller-skied and today I real-skied.  Perfect.

I got in an hour classic ski at Wildwood golf course on my 1988 waxless indestructible Kahru's.  It was a very deep skied-in track, but it was real skiing. 

The sun even came out :)

It was just on Friday I was roller-skiing.  Someone got this photo of me:

(The above photos may or may not have been slightly embellished)

I'm not sure yet where our Tuesday night training will be this week.  I will let everyone know via e-mail by Tuesday afternoon.  But one thing for sure ... we will be on snow!