Tuesday, November 19, 2013


On Sunday, I skied at Wildwood golf course.  A nice little loop around the golf course is now skied in ... however, you will be crossing a few gravel paths (use your rock skis)

Breaking trail with the ole Kahru boards

On Monday night, I skied at Assiniboine Park.  Good job by those who had previously skied in a short skate loop by the Lyric theater.  There is also a nice little toboggan hill to practice your climbing skillz (although you need to cross a asphalt path at the bottom of the hill!).

I also did a big loop on the road around the park.  It hadn't been cleared yet, so was just nicely packed down snow from cars. 

Skiing the park road on the the ole Fischer boards

Worked on my uphill (and downhill) technique on the toboggan hill