Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heart-warming story ...

Dear Sophie Caldwell
I'm really sorry you fell. Me and my family, Kaisa (my sister) Kira (my mom) Craig (my dad) Sampo (my cat) and Tomah (my dog, we got him 2 weeks ago) were all cheering for you. I have a few questions for you. What does it feel like to be an Olympian? How old are you? Do you have any siblings? What is your favorite book or series? How much time do you spend with your team and how much time do you spend with your family? Do you have any pets? What are some of your hobbies? How tired are you after a race? What is your favorite color? How much time do you spend training? Tell your friends Kikkan and Jessie I like their hair. If you want to write me back my mom's email is: ...

Siri Stolen

Sophie's response:

Dear Siri,
Thank you so much for your letter, I loved it! Those are wonderful questions you have and I will do my best to answer them!

It is an amazing feeling to be an Olympian. I think I've dreamed of being an Olympian since I was about your age, so sometimes I need to pinch myself to remind myself that my dream is actually coming true! I am 23 years old and will turn 24 on March 22nd. I have two siblings. I have a brother and a sister and they are twins and two years younger than I am. I have a lot of favorite books, but I just read a great book called The Art of Hearing Heartbeats. My sister's favorite books are the Harry Potter Series and I think she has reread each book several times! I spend a lot of time with my team in the winter and a lot of time with both my team and my family in the other seasons. I am very close with my family, so I try to see them as much as possible when I'm home and miss them very much when I'm gone. My ski team has kind of become a second family though because they are some of my best friends and we spend 5 month in Europe together each winter! Growing up we had two dalmations for pets, but right now we have two cats. My cats' names are Dudley-Rose and Red. I love reading and doing a lot of other outdoor activities. I played a ton of different sports growing up and I love most things outdoors. I am usually very tired after a race, but it's a good tired. My favorite color is blue! I spend up to four hours a day training. Kikkan and Jessie say thank you!

Thank you for your questions and I hope to hear back from you again!