Wednesday, August 13, 2014

DN Tour de Rollerski Stage #1

Here are the results and photos from the first stage of the DN Tour de Rollerski:


Name    Start-time Finish Time
Steve S     5:00           36:49
Sean C      5:30           36:58
Leila M     0:00           38:20
Jacek        2:00            40:15
Liam A     2:30           41:18
Simon G   2:30           42:45    (broke pole-tip early in the race)


5 of the top 6 competitors:

It was a bit wet before the start of the race:

Early on in the race:

A little bit later on:

The course covered some varied terrain:

Some older versions of roller skis were used:

A happy competitor:


Jacek coming off the ski-jump:

A close battle near the end:

The final dash for the line: