Monday, March 7, 2016

Ski Tour Canada - day 1 in Canmore

Just arrived in Canmore for the first training day in Canmore for the Ski Tour Canada.  There are 4 days left of racing in the ski tour and all of those are here.  I hope to do a daily report here on the blog ...

The training days are often the best days to watch the skiers.  There are almost no spectators so you can really watch each athlete and how they ski.  I got to watch Martin Sundby double pole a steep hill while having a casual conversation with another skier!

Here's a few photos:

10 feet away from the best skiers in the world

Justyna K

Just a small sample of the ski wax testing happening today!


Trying to make a giant head cutout for tomorrow's race - watch for it on the uphill!