Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Downtown Nordic Picture Contest

On behalf of Gord Buhr:

Most of us have our toques by now so we're sporting some pretty awesome toquehead.   I'm sure we're all wearing them all day long, aren't we?  
So we're having a toque picture contest.   4 categories.

1)Furthest away from Winnipeg. (Pic must include proof of location)
3)Fan favorite(best overall picture)
4)Picture that best depicts club spirit.

In all cases the picture MUST feature the NEW Downtown Nordic toque.   If a group photo is chosen the prize will go to the person who took the picture.  Contest open to Downtown Nordic members only and only pictures posted on the Downtown Nordic Facebook page will be considered.

Anyone can post a pic for the contest.   Please caption it for the category you are entering it.  For the "Fan Favorite" category the pic with the most "likes" will be considered the winner.

In the spirit of fairness I will exclude myself from all categories except "furthest away" and "fan favorite" as these will be decided by impartial means.  

The judges for the other categories (funniest and club spirit) will be chosen  by a panel of 3 judges including myself (Gord Buhr) Steve Scoles and an as yet to be named judge (Any volunteers?)

Prizes expect to be awarded at our wind up event in March...