Saturday, November 27, 2021

Introducing your adult program coaches!

Sue - Athletic Beginner Skate Coach

Nicest person ever.  But will happily destroy you in a sprint.

Anne-Marie - Athletic Beginner Coach

Don't let the smile fool you; she has killed bears with her hands.

Katrina - Athletic Beginner classic and some skate Coach

Katrina hitch-hiking to heaven

John M - Intermediate Classic Head Coach and Skate helper

John has been ski instructing for over 45 years.   He started instructing at age 3.

Jim - Intermediate Skate Head Coach and Classic helper

For all modelling inquiries, please contact Jim's agency.

John K - Multi-dimensional coach

John K is mixing the latest high-performance cocktail that will make you much faster!

Steve - Extremely humble coach for world domination

Sorry.  This is the ONLY ski picture I have.  I'm the one on the left.

Athletic Beginner and Intermediate sessions all meet on Windsor Park main training grid (to south / right of the clubhouse).  Look for the bright yellow toques.

Advanced sessions generally meet on the Blue oval