Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 Segment final results.

Those in red and underlined below please email me at to claim your prizes.  Thanks

Recreational (most segments completed)

1st C Willim (5)

2nd M Solano (2)

3rd tie between D Penner/L Harringotn/K Froese/D Kyle (1 each)   Winner chosen by random draw D Kyle

Competitive Womens

1st Tie between L Ball and M Anthony  (Random draw determines 1st place)  M Anthony (19 points each)

2nd L Ball  (19)

3rd E McKinlay (7 points)


 G Buhr  (29)

1st J Anthony (19)

2nd C Mohr (10)

3rd C Martin (9)

In the interest of fairness, openness and not having any appearance of improprieties I will remove myself from the results and not accept any prizes because I was the program administrator.