Sunday, March 14, 2021

Downtown Nordic Ski More Places World Record Achieved

 After countless sleepless nights, wretched loathing and despair, the lofty long-standing world record, held for forty years by the famous Norwegian-Scottish explorer Bjorn McSkialot, has finally been broken.  

As the snows of the pandemic winter melt away, the tally of 30 distinct Manitoba ski areas has been achieved.  The final official listing, as approved by the officials at Guinness Book of World Records, is as follows...

The world record was obviously not achieved without the liberal shedding of blood and tears.  A beloved, fairly new pair of skin skis were haphazardly stone ground (for free!!) during the attempt on the infamous ski trails of the St Charles Golf and Country club.  The lovely camouflaged crushed gravel, which was thus found to be protruding through the icy snow, was very effective at achieving its version of a stone grind.  

Also, a late season attempt to crust-snow skate ski at the St Boniface Golf Course, resulted in a broken ski pole.  The particular session ended with a one poled "ski of shame" back to the groomed trails at Windsor Park.

I have been asked by several folks what my favorites were this season   I have had several so I will leave you with these categories:

Favorite new trail:  Teulon  It’s fairly close to the west side of Winnipeg, very well groomed for both Skate and Classic, has some very challenging hills, and is just well organized overall.  The cute little cabin will be an added bonus once the dreary pandemic ends.

Favorite ski day:   Sunday, February 21st at Birch and Pumpkin Creek .  It was a warm, sunny day.  Snow conditions were just about perfect. The trail was groomed from Birch ski area to Pumpkin Creek.   We skied for hours, through the hills, forests and fields at Birch and over to the lovely Blue Moon, The Stroll and Rogers Pass trails at Pumpkin Creek.   We only saw one other skier on the trails on a otherwise perfect Sunday Ski day   Happily, we ran into DN member and friend Ken Bell in the parking lot afterwards. He also had a fabulous day out there and we were thrilled to share our post ski endorphins together in  the sunshine.  

Favorite Prize:  Despite breaking a 40 year old record and receiving the Guinness World Record, breaking out and skiing on old favorites and discovering new ski trails was the biggest reward!  This Pandemic Winter has been fraught with uncertainty, confinement and stress.  It seems that Nordic Skiing, even on the bitterly cold days was the best medicine for anxiety, sadness and isolation.  I challenge the pharmaceutical industry to find anything better for the mind than even a bad day on the trails (I know its a cliche, but is there such a thing as a bad day on the trails?).

I do hope people find a way to attempt their own versions of the "Ski More Manitoba trails" next year and set the bar even higher.  Regardless of whether one breaks the record, there is a lot of satisfaction to be gained in leaving your "regular routine" and skiing on new trails.  

Friday, March 12, 2021


Last call for segment winners to email me to claim your prize.

No email, no prize.

Please respond by Sunday 6 pm.

Thanks 😀

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 Segment final results.

Those in red and underlined below please email me at to claim your prizes.  Thanks

Recreational (most segments completed)

1st C Willim (5)

2nd M Solano (2)

3rd tie between D Penner/L Harringotn/K Froese/D Kyle (1 each)   Winner chosen by random draw D Kyle

Competitive Womens

1st Tie between L Ball and M Anthony  (Random draw determines 1st place)  M Anthony (19 points each)

2nd L Ball  (19)

3rd E McKinlay (7 points)


 G Buhr  (29)

1st J Anthony (19)

2nd C Mohr (10)

3rd C Martin (9)

In the interest of fairness, openness and not having any appearance of improprieties I will remove myself from the results and not accept any prizes because I was the program administrator.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

 Segment update:

Recreational Segment:

Marie S

Competitive Segment:


G Buhr  38:07

J Anthony 46:03


L Ball 42:36

E McKinlay 43:51

Monday, February 22, 2021

Downtown Nordic Ski More Manitoba Trails World Record Attempt Update

 We are nearing the end of February, 2021.  In Manitoba, there has not been a recent significant snowfall.  The nordic ski trails are showing signs of degradation, erosion, and melting.  As we close in on the world record, tensions are running high.  Will the remaining snow hold out?  Will there be enough snow to still ski at Burwalde, Shannondale and Bittersweet?

Only six more locations are required to break the World Record.  We are going to follow Floyd's timely suggestions with attempts to ski Pine Falls and Victoria Beach tomorrow.  Following that, all further tips and suggestions are welcome.  

Friday, February 19, 2021

What kind of climate do we live in that -15 feels "like a nice day"


Aaaaaand we're back after a couple of weekends of real MB winter weather...

Birds Hill Park

Recreational segment:

Competitive segment:

Monday, February 1, 2021

Some great skating videos

Here are some great skating videos to help to visualize great technique.   They are in Norwegian - so also an opportunity to learn a new language! 

skate - slow-mo

three techniques of skate compared

Very Advanced Uphill skate

Downtown Nordic Ski More Trails World Record Attempt

A little update on the Downtown Nordic "Ski More Trails" Pandemic Winter challenge.  I have presently skied on a grand total of 16 different trail systems.  I am now regrouping,  and  eating bucket loads of spinach in order to find the strength to persevere in this World Record attempt.  Here is the official list of the ski trails so far....

As you can see, due to the lack of snow, there haven't been attempts on the usual western ski trails such as Shannondale, Birch, etc.  Hopefully the snow dances continue, and these can soon be added to the list.

After hours spent on the different trails in Manitoba, here are some of the insights I wish to share:

1.  During this pandemic winter, with all of the isolation and uncertainty, it always feels better to get outside every day;

2.  Favorite new trail discovered within the Winnipeg city limits is the Churchill drive ski trail.  It consists of an approximately 6 km classic loop, as well as a somewhat shorter skate loop, all groomed by volunteers;

3.  Favorite new trail discovered in the province of Manitoba is Teulon.  The trail system consists of approximately 6 km of both skate and classic tracks.  The trails are meticulously groomed, and contain some surprisingly challenging hills throughout.  The drive is not much further than going to Birds Hill if you live in the west side of the city.  The $10 trail user fee is totally worth it;   

4.  Thanks to being challenged by my eight year old friend Adam (who went first),  I learned that you can totally get air on nordic skis at the Wildwood park ski jump, and live to tell about it.  Its also a heck of a lot of fun; and

5.  We are so fortunate to have such a variety of nordic ski trails within the city and throughout the province.  

As we enter the second half of the ski season, I hope to see many more challengers to the "Ski More Trails" World Record attempt.  Please share any recommendations on any lesser known trails that would assist in this endeavour.  I hope to see more Downtown Nordickers out on the more obscure trails soon.

Friday, January 29, 2021


 Back to Windsor

Recreational Segment:

Competitive Segment:

Friday, January 22, 2021

The sandilands of time segments

 This week we're heading out to the south woods of Sandilands.

Recreational Segment:

3.7 kms

Competitive Segment:

11.4 kms

Monday, January 18, 2021

Speed test results

 Speed test results:

Corey Mohr17 Jan 2021 3:43/km 110bpm 39:392
Christopher Martin17 Jan 2021 4:12/km 153bpm 44:503
Gord Buhr15 Jan 2021 5:15/km 101bpm 55:594
John Anthony17 Jan 2021 6:15/km- 1:06:395
Lesley Ball17 Jan 2021 6:20/km 163bpm 1:07:336
Mhari Anthony17 Jan 2021 6:46/km- 1:12:07