Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Options on downhill corners!

Here is an interesting picture on downhill cornering.  For the advanced group on Thursday, we will play around with downhill cornering options!

Downhill at France world cup last year -- watch how Klaebo looks to the turn and picks the outside line in the deep snow - this allows him to control the turn better.

Klaebo is third in line with the yellow bib:

Klaebo - looking at conditions on the outside:

Klaebo sliding into the loose snow

The only skier to use the loose snow to turn, rather than go through the icy corner apex

At times, a corner gets so icy and scraped, that it's easier to step into the loose snow to do an easier and safer turn.   This is often the case at big events with lots of laps or lots of skiers (like the Birkie)


Saturday, December 16, 2023

Registration and awesome coaches for 2023-24

Registration will close on Monday afternoon (December 18th).   We will start instructional sessions on Tuesday December 19th at 7PM on the training grid area.

Here are your awesome coaches for 2023-24!!

Athletic Beginner:


John M


Daylight and Athletic Beginner and more Coach
John K