Monday, November 24, 2014

The DN Buff Travels the World - Episode 23

 DN Buff made it's way through the Northwest Passage on board the CCGS Amundsen.  Picture taken on board the deck around Pond Inlet (Baffin Island).  Mud on face from the box core sample (seen in other photo) - which is from the bottom of the Arctic Ocean floor or more specifically Eclipse Sound.  Also included is a photo of the rosette deployment area with scenery of sampling site in the background taken in the early evening.  

DN Buff also made it to Bloody Falls located south of Kugluktuk, NU on the Coppermine River.  Photo is of me with a teacher from Whitehorse and several boys from Kugluktuk High School on a 'what can we see from the top of that hill' adventure walk near the falls.  

It was an awesome adventure....

Movie of the Week

Trails Across the Steppe (Trailer) from Anni Seitz on Vimeo.
Maybe we can have a night where we watch this movie!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Plank Program

One thing I'm going to emphasize for improving your skiing this year is to have very good core strength and stability.

Here is a simple program that will significantly increase your core strength and stability.  Ask a professional to show you proper form.

Do this two or three times per week. Start with some light planks and aerobic activity as a warmup.

first 4 weeks:
front plank - 3 times x 30 seconds.  week 1 - do 30 seconds and add 10 seconds each week;
side plank (each side): 3 x 15 seconds; add 5 seconds each week.  Focus on perfect from

second 4 weeks:
add 3 x 10 pushups - with perfectly flat body (add 2 pushups per week).  add 3 x 10 bird dogs; add 2 per week.

next 6 weeks:
add 3 x 10 jumping jack planks; add 3 x 10 russian twists; add 2 per week.

Focus on perfect stable form. 

At the end of 10 weeks,you should be up to a 2:30 plank!  In February, anyone who can demonstrate a proper 2:30 minute plank, will be inducted into the DN plank hall of fame!

A normal day in Downtown Nordic training