Monday, November 3, 2014

Plank Program

One thing I'm going to emphasize for improving your skiing this year is to have very good core strength and stability.

Here is a simple program that will significantly increase your core strength and stability.  Ask a professional to show you proper form.

Do this two or three times per week. Start with some light planks and aerobic activity as a warmup.

first 4 weeks:
front plank - 3 times x 30 seconds.  week 1 - do 30 seconds and add 10 seconds each week;
side plank (each side): 3 x 15 seconds; add 5 seconds each week.  Focus on perfect from

second 4 weeks:
add 3 x 10 pushups - with perfectly flat body (add 2 pushups per week).  add 3 x 10 bird dogs; add 2 per week.

next 6 weeks:
add 3 x 10 jumping jack planks; add 3 x 10 russian twists; add 2 per week.

Focus on perfect stable form. 

At the end of 10 weeks,you should be up to a 2:30 plank!  In February, anyone who can demonstrate a proper 2:30 minute plank, will be inducted into the DN plank hall of fame!