Friday, January 29, 2021


 Back to Windsor

Recreational Segment:

Competitive Segment:

Friday, January 22, 2021

The sandilands of time segments

 This week we're heading out to the south woods of Sandilands.

Recreational Segment:

3.7 kms

Competitive Segment:

11.4 kms

Monday, January 18, 2021

Speed test results

 Speed test results:

Corey Mohr17 Jan 2021 3:43/km 110bpm 39:392
Christopher Martin17 Jan 2021 4:12/km 153bpm 44:503
Gord Buhr15 Jan 2021 5:15/km 101bpm 55:594
John Anthony17 Jan 2021 6:15/km- 1:06:395
Lesley Ball17 Jan 2021 6:20/km 163bpm 1:07:336
Mhari Anthony17 Jan 2021 6:46/km- 1:12:07

 Segment results:                                                       

Competitive Male

G Buhr 5 pnts

Recreational segment:

C Willim

D Kyle

Competitive points standings:


G Buhr 16

J Anthony 7

N Ferguson 5

C Mohr 5 

B Van Den Bosch 4

C Bartel 3


M Anthony 14

L Ball 9

Friday, January 15, 2021

 Apologies for the late posting for this weeks segments.  This week we'll explore Beaudry Park....

Competitive segment:

Recreational Segment:

Segments are open now and close around 6 pm Monday.

Don't forget about the virtual speed test:   

The speed test closes Sunday around 6 PM

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 Overzealous health officials won't let us have a virtual race so we'll have a speed test.

Course opens now. Closes at 6 PM Sunday. This is an individual speed test. It's 10.6 km.

You MUST ski this solo or ONLY with members of your household. NO GROUP SKIS.

You have 5 days to complete it. Points awarded as described for segments.

Start at the stables parking lot, on the Bluestem trail. At the first opportunity (about 100 feet from the start) veer right in the grooves. Ski along the Bluestem trail until you get to the Esker downhill. (It's before the warming hut on the Chickadee trail) Ski down this hill (It's windy and twisty) to the Chickadee intersection; then take Chickadee to the Chickadee parking lot. Get back onto the Bluestem (on your left) and ski back to the stables.

Monday, January 11, 2021

 Grand Beach Segment Results


C Willim

M Solano

K Froese

Competitive Group:


G Buhr 5

J Anthony 4


M Anthony 5



G Buhr 11 pnts

J Anthony 7 pnts

C Mohr 5 pnts

N Ferguson 5 pnts

B Van Den Bosch 4 pnts

C Bartel 3 pnts


M Anthony 14 pnts

L Ball 9 pnts

E Mackinlay 3 pnts

Apologies for the competitive segment, I was not aware it was not groomed.  My bad.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

 January 8 to 11 segments.

Segments open at 8 AM January 8 and close around 6 PM January 11, plus an hour or so grace time to upload your workout....

Grand Beach

Recreational Segment:   

It's only .8 km long but it's a good warm up if you're going for speed.

Competitive Segment:

It doesn't matter how you get there, just get across the back side of this trail...

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

 Segment results for January 4th:


C Willim

Competitive group:


C Mohr    19:57  5 pnts

G Buhr     27:51 4 pnts

J Anthony 30:59 3 pnts


M Anthony 33:59 5 pnts

Club standings:


M Anthony   9 pnts

L Ball           9 pnts

E Mackinlay   3 pnts


G Buhr                     6 pnts

N Ferguson              5 pnts

C Mohr                    5 pnts

B Van Den Bosch    4 pnts

C Bartel                   3 pnts

J Anthony                3 pnts

Monday, January 4, 2021

 January 13th (conditions permitting) Virtual Wednesday night race.

The course will be posted that morning (it will be at Windsor Park Nordic Centre). Virtual race will begin at noon and close at 10 PM. All participants must START their ski within these times. Points awarded the same as weekly segment winners.
Recreational club members will be allocated participation credit the same as completing a segment. Please follow WPNC rules and health guidelines. This will be an open class race (skate or classic- no separate categories; all skiers in the same class except for male/female)

Friday, January 1, 2021

 This weeks segment takes you to the sort of hidden gem that is Birds Hill Park.  It also breaks up the recreational and competitive clubs.

Recreational Segment is the north side of the Chickadee trail starting at Griffins Hill and ending at the group use road, at 2.1 km it's further in the trail so you'll be nicely warmed up:

The competitive segment is the opening section of the Bluestem trail from the stables parking lot to the warming hut at Chickadee/Bluestem/Esker trail confluence, it's 5.3 km with plenty of twists but fairly flat, this will be a good test of your early season fitness:

NOTE:  Soon a virtual race will be organized.  Stay tooned.  

You can join the strava clubs at any time.