Wednesday, January 13, 2021

 Overzealous health officials won't let us have a virtual race so we'll have a speed test.

Course opens now. Closes at 6 PM Sunday. This is an individual speed test. It's 10.6 km.

You MUST ski this solo or ONLY with members of your household. NO GROUP SKIS.

You have 5 days to complete it. Points awarded as described for segments.

Start at the stables parking lot, on the Bluestem trail. At the first opportunity (about 100 feet from the start) veer right in the grooves. Ski along the Bluestem trail until you get to the Esker downhill. (It's before the warming hut on the Chickadee trail) Ski down this hill (It's windy and twisty) to the Chickadee intersection; then take Chickadee to the Chickadee parking lot. Get back onto the Bluestem (on your left) and ski back to the stables.