Sunday, September 29, 2013

Your Board of Directors

For the upcoming season, here are the board of directors of Downtown Nordic:

Our Secretary: Esther

President-in-Exile: Tim (pictured with unidentified woman)


Our Director of Performance: Steve (file photo)

Our new Treasurer Kristen (no photo available, but we do have this photo of a fish she caught ... held up by her fishing assistant Mike):

Online registration

Online registration is now up (thanks Jacek!!):  It closes at midnight on December 1st.

Any problems -- blame Jacek.

Upcoming Season

OK folks, here's the plan:

We start dryland training on Thursday, October 10th at 6:30PM at Westview Park (the big hill north of the Polo Park area).  These sessions will focus on classic technique with ski-striding and some balance drills.  Bring running shoes and, if you have some, short(ish) ski poles.  We'll do this every Thursday until the snow comes.

Once the snow comes, we'll start skiing somewhere every Thursday.

And once the Windsor Park Nordic Centre opens, we'll be training every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 at Windsor.

We'll start off doing lots of work on technique -- generally alternating sessions between skate and classic.  In December, the Tuesday workouts will become interval-training sessions.  And in January, the Thursday sessions will become distance-training.

This year, we're trying to get everyone signed up by early December so as many people as possible can get the benefits of all the early-season work we do on technique. 

For those thinking about joining the club for the first time, this is a training/fitness club.  We have a very wide range of ages and abilities.  About half the club does not ski race -- they just like being good on their skis.  The common thread is that everyone loves cross-country skiing and gets out skiing on a regular basis.

Also ... we are looking at setting up an informal group of families that want to go on occasional ski excursions with their children as part of a larger group.  We're calling it the DN Explorers.  Let me (Steve) know if you are interested in this.

Double-pole training at the lake ...

Those Germans think they walk on water. (viaSadzarue)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Running the Distance

Classifieds - classic boots for sale - SOLD!

Salomon S-LAB Classic boots size 9 1/2 U.S. or 43 1/3 EU.  Boots are brand new.  Only 149 firm.  Can email me at: Jimball at

BOOM!!!!  These have been SOLD.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer, Fall, and soon to be New Zealand

Hey all Downtown Nordicans!!!  Hope summer training went well for everyone!! I was at a few roller ski sessions and everyone looked like they were having a blast.  I am currently writing this from Alberta and already the ski team here is keeping me in shape trying to keep up to them.  Looks like a great crew and we will have a fun time this season.  I am still prepping and training for New Zealand which is just around the corner.  I figured I would keep you guys up to date with what is happening with that.  I spent about 6 weeks this summer in the Ottawa Valley with the team which was a blast.  Here is a video of us doing some slalom training in Quebec on the St. Lawrence River.

Remember if it is not fun why do it?