Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grand Beach and the Lazy Bunny Loppet

"Race" report from last week-end ...

Sunday was the first annual International Lazy Bunny Loppet. Five members of the Downtown Nordickers took part in this event. (Including representatives from Denmark and Germany)

The Lazy Bunny Loppet is a coed race in which the males begin with a slight head start from the females. 
Each male competitor is allocated a carrot at the start of the race. 
The winner is determined to be either the male with the fastest time who completes the 26.8 km** race with a carrot, or the fastest female who completes it with a carrot in her possession. A 15 minute time bonus is given to any female who is able to abscond a carrot from one of the male participants. (**the 26.8km distance is based on The typical distance a rabbit is able to outrun the hounds in rabbit hunting, known as Beagling in the UK.)

There was a surprisingly low turnout for this years event (5), but we expect popularity to grow once marketing for the annual event begins. 
Unfortunately a winner could not be declared this year because both males; Gyula and Stig ate their carrots, Esther tried absconding a carrot from a male who wasn't in the race (court date is pending), Freddie tried whittling a piece of tree into a carrot, but it ended up looking more like broccoli, and Ruth is still skate skiing somewhere out on the trail... We hope she finishes before nightfall. 
All in all it was a success, even though there was no sighting of Pinawata or her pet bison Loppet. We hope for many more years of the historically significant International Lazy Bunny Loppet!
*Improtant Note*: we have not yet heard from Ruth ... please be on the lookout for this women: