Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Windsor Park - April 17, 2013

Back in 1994, Luke Bodensteiner wrote a great book titled "Endless Winter" about his travels around the world preparing for the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics.  Well, we haven't had to travel to get an "Endless Winter" in Winnipeg.  And it's become pretty clear to me these last few weeks listening to fellow Winnipeggers that I'm one of an extremely small percentage (perhaps the definition of 'negligible') that gets a really positive feeling from the phrase "Endless Winter".

Anyways, I managed to get an hour ski in this afternoon at the Windsor Park Nordic Centre.

The trails hadn't been groomed with the last bit of snow that fell Monday, but the signs were still up.

Not bad conditions for April 17th.  In fact, this was about as good as we got almost all of last season!

A few bare spots here and there, but fairly easy to navigate around.

The finish of the blue trail.  Had several flashbacks to our club interval workouts here ... remember "This is where all the gains are made" :)

Be careful around the descent towards the "backstop".  Either take your skis off ... or ... if you attended a Downtown Nordic downhill technique session, I found there is just enough snow for you to descend on one ski!

I can confirm the clubhouse is still there.

Hey, what's that on the picnic table???

Looks like some sort of trophy ...

Oh right, it's the Ski Associations's "Club of the Year" Award.  I can't quite remember who won that this year ... Oh now I remember, it was Downtown Nordic.