Thursday, May 2, 2013

Encore Blog Post: A day in the life ...

A number of people asked for an encore blog post (OK, actually no one did), but you're going to get one anyways before the blog really signs off for the summer.

We decided to follow around the "Club of the Year" trophy to see how he spends his days.

First off, a quick shower to wake himself up.  Thankfully he had a towel on.

Over to the legislature building

Hanging out with his buddy the Golden Boy

And a quick little fist bump

The polar bears really love him

Out for a walk around town:

Off to the forks and the Human Rights musuem

Saying hello to fellow rebel Louis Riel

Surveying flooding on the Red River.  He will be issuing his flood forecast shortly

Up on the lookout tower at the forks

Checking out the hustle and bustle at the forks

Another bear hug

A quick tourist photo

Mmmmm, bread ....

 He has a thing for chocolate

And coca-cola

Ate a little too much today

Nighty-night little trophy.  Nighty-night.