Monday, September 29, 2014

Photo Explosion from Last Season

Fall training with the Club of the Year Trophy

First snow of the year - November 10th

Julie celebrating at the Grey Cup with a slightly out-of-shape Golden Boy

Some December roller-skiing on Seymour Mountain in Vancouver

Meanwhile, Levi was at Silver Star

And DN skiers at Yellowstone

The DN Buffs - so many uses!

It was a very cold winter
Provincial Championships at Kenora

Levi competing at Nationals in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland
The German Post Office has added DN gear to their uniforms!

Ken at Silver Star

Neil competing at Giants Ridge

I'm not quite sure who is the most awkward in this photo: Kristen or the guy trying to give her a hug.

Wise words from Coach Tim at Nationals

Some more wise words from Tim to Levi

DNers in South America

Downtown Nordic goes Big (Ben)

Julie at the Norwegian Birkie

Lorne Midford and a couple of other guys at the Norwegian Birkie

Patrice, Julie, JeanAnne, and someone else at the Norwegian Birkie

Another beautiful day this past winter

Waxboy Tim working his magic at Nationals

Jacek receiving the award for winning his age group at the Wed Night Race Series
Some late night crust skiing at Birds Hill Pak

Skiing on the Birds Hill Park glacier

Kristen always wants to be in the spotlight

the sun setting on a late season ski

Last ski of the year - April 26th! ...

And this is what I was wearing

Freddie and Esther share the skier of the year award

Katrina also was awarded skier of the year - I have no idea how to get this picture upright

some final partying for the Club of the Year trophy

the partying went into the night

the Trophy was very popular at the bar

Never before photographed in the wild - Sue snowplowing on a downhill

Levi had trouble depositing this into an ATM