Sunday, December 7, 2014

Club Info

Here is how the next month of DN training/instruction will work:

There will be three groups to choose from.  Each group will have its own coaches. 

You will need to decide which group you fit into:

Group 1 - Athletic Beginner - coaches Kristen, Sue, and Katrina

Group 2 - Awesome Sport/Intermediate - coaches John and Jim

Group 3 - Happy Competitive/Advanced - coach Steve

Over the next month, we will have three sessions for each of classic technique and skate technique.

Monday, Dec. 8th - classic
Thursday Dec. 11th - skate
Monday, Dec 15th - classic
Thursday, Dec 18th - skate
Monday, Dec. 22nd - classic
Monday, Dec. 29th - skate

On Monday, Dec 8th - we will be meeting first in the clubhouse at WP right at 7PM.  Also, you may be in different groups for each technique.  If you start in one group and want to move to a different group after the first session that won't be a problem.

All other sessions will be starting promptly at 7PM out on the snow in the designated area.

Also we'll be doing name tags, so you'll want to be early!

If you can't make it Monday, plan to be out early on one of the other days.

See you soon!