Friday, November 27, 2020

The Incredible Downtown Nordic Ski Passport

 Manitoba is blessed in that it has so many interesting places to Nordic ski.  Sometimes folks get stuck on skiing at the same old places, and never venture out of their comfort zones to try out and discover new ski areas.

If you need help getting started on where to ski in the province, try checking out the Cross Country Ski Association of Manitoba website and the "where to ski" link...

Where to ski in Manitoba

In order to encourage folks to ski in new places, we have created this little skier passport.  You can fill in the place you skied at with a date for the technique you skied.  See how many different places you can ski at before the snow melts.  

This is a personal challenge.  Just save or print out the Passport and start filling it in as you discover new places.

Google Ski Passport

or save and print out the following:  

Happy skiing folks!