Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello from Tim

Hello from the great white North!!! It is cold up here, but I hear it is just as cold back in Winterpeg. So far my experiences have been great. Skiing a lot with school kids on groomed trails, to trails we make ourselves, and on top of snowmobile trails. My camera has not been working other wise I would post some photos from the adventures so far. I got to drive on my first ice road the other day. Exciting!!! I have learned that the kids up here are tough. Most of them are out skiing with bunny hugs (hoodies), ball caps, and no mitts. Makes me feel a little soft, but trying to toughen up. It seems most of the weekends are cold here and races have been canceled, but I have managed to get in one loppet, which took place yesterday. It was suppose to be a 30km race in Prince Albert. The starting temp was -40 with the Windchill. Yikes cold!!! They shortened the race slightly and I think we ended up doing about 22kms. It was one tough race. Groomed the night before with a light dusting of snow over the tracks. Of course I was out front breaking trail for the first half (what a slog). The second half improved slightly skiing on tracks that that shorter distances were going. I could actually double pole on the flats which was amazing. The other exciting thing is there are hills here. So much better than just skiing on flats back home hahahahaha. My first week got my skiing in La Ronge under the lit trails which also had hills. -5 were the daytime temps which meant for some beautiful skate skiing. Hopefully the weather turns around and we get in some great skiing to this already awesome season. And remember to always listen to what Steve has to say. Cheers Tim