Monday, January 21, 2013

Meet Ben VanDenBosch

Now that's an icicle!!

The skier is Ben VanDenBosch.  That was from last Tuesday at Windsor Park.  Just to be sure, that icicle is from Ben's moustache and not his nose.  I believe it sets a new Canadian record for a face icicle!  Do we call that a facicle?

Some background on Ben for those who don't know him.  Ben has been a long-time top triathlete and cyclist in Manitoba.  For over a decade, he held the course record at the Morden Half-Ironman triathlon.  Last year, he set his sights on the American Birkibeiner ski race.  In a chance encounter at Bird's Hill one day in late 2011, I invited him to join our fledgling ski club.  Little did I know that it would open up a whole line of cyclists and triathletes (and then rowers) joining our club.

And for setting a new facicle record, Ben is this week's Downtown Nordic Skier-of-the-Week!