Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Latest Yellowstone update ...

Waking up to our third day of skiing and we all were in rough shape. Could barely dress ourselves, our hip flexors are especially a problem. Regardless of all the cross training we have done over the last few months, our bodies were not prepared for this. 

We all learned lots in our ski clinics. Ben admitted to almost "Liking" classic skiing. He liked the pendulum feeling of swinging the arms. Gyula made some huge breakthroughs in his skate technique and now loves skate skiing. 

The clinics were focused mostly on balance and body position yesterday. Today we focused on poling for the classic sessions and the V1 or offset and lots of long gliding drills for the skate clinics in the afternoon.  Also saw how driving the knee into the ski on an uphill helps propel you forward. Some of us were even video taped for some technique analysis. 

Meanwhile, Stig took an easy day and only skied 36 km. 

Best part was the free beer for us all around the campfire at the trail head at end of the day.
Beautiful conditions once again. Above zero and sunny all afternoon. Lots of very fit skinny skiers from around the world. Everyone is so friendly. Great vibe.