Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yellowstone update ...

We all met up at the Holiday Inn at 830 am for the ski clinics. We started by
watching some excellent classic skiers and analyzed their technique.
Then, we practiced balance drills including the familiar standing on one leg
while swinging the opposite leg. Supposedly the pros spend an hour a day doing
this drill. :)

They broke us up into groups of about five or six students based on ability
and we hit the trails.

The morning instruction was all classic. We spent most of the morning skiing
without poles working on getting our hips forward, and being happy in the
"falling forward" position.  Skied for almost three hours in the morning.

Lunch found us all sleeping soundly. We were so tired

We broke up into new groups for the afternoon skate clinics based on our
skating abilities. Again, we did lots of skating without poles before heading
for the trails and skiing until we had nothing left.

Planning to go to the ski wax clinics tonight if we can stay awake past seven pm.

Yesterday, did not get to see Old Faithful yesterday as planned. Apparently,
we are the only people on the planet unaware that the road to the geyser is
closed in the winter. We could ski the thirty miles to see it, but
conditions are poor.  Might end up doing just that if we get more snow
later this week.