Saturday, January 11, 2014

Advanced Skating Technique

Martin Johnsrud Sundby recently won the Tour de Ski and we featured a lot of his skating technique in a video a few days ago.  After his victory, Martin thanked his technique coach Audun Svartdal.  Martin used to be mostly a classic specialist, but has worked extensively on his skate technique the last three years and the video shows he's now one of the best in the world at skating.

In an interview with Svartdal, one line translated into ....
 >> It's about motor skills, strength and to get the right muscle groups at the right time and in the right way , says Svartdal <<

Another line didn't translate so well ...
 >> And after the World Cup in Holmenkollen has he really decided to do what is necessary to develop technique in sunken rock styles <<

sunken rock styles???

Anyways, I found a video where Svartdal was teaching some young skiers one-skate technique:

Most of the video is just of the young skiers, but check 2:17 and 2:45 where he shows the side and front angles on advanced one-skate technique.  If you are looking to really jazz up your one-skate, these are really good drills you can do at home.

Watch how high the hips go in the 2:17 section.  And then in the 2:45 section, see how the force is initially directed straight down.  This is also more or less how double pole technique should look.

This is advanced technique and requires a good level of technique and fitness to make happen ... but it's still useful for anyone trying to get a better understanding of skate technique ... or sunken rock styles :)