Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Heat Box Waxing Service

Club member Jeff McMillan is offering Heat Box wax service.  Generally with new skis (or recently stoneground skis) you need to glide wax your skis many times before all of the pours are filled in with wax.  The Heat Box speeds this process up as the skis "soak" in the wax over several hours.

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Heat Box Waxing Service

Basic Saturation $30

Service includes: Brushing to open up the base (skis must be clean), Fibretex to cut micro hairs, scrape, brush and polish of the wax.
Basic Saturation involves 6 hours in the heat box with a very soft paraffin at a temperature of about 55 degree C. This ensures excellent saturation of the base. The skis will still need to be hardened to the appropriate level for the desired conditions.

Ultimate Saturation $45

The Ultimate Saturation Heat Box is the ultimate base treatment. It starts by applying a very soft paraffin heat box wax and letting it saturate in the hot box for a full twelve hours at below 50 degree C.  A finishing layer is then added of Swix LF-6 to harden the base. This same process has been used on the World Cup for years to get skis to run at their absolute optimum speed.
Other Waxing Services to choose from:

1. Standard Universal Hot Wax - The appropriate glide wax is melted onto the glide zones of the ski base, ironed onto the base, cooled, acrylic-scraped, and brushed and polished.
per pair

2. Low Fluo Hot Wax – Same as standard, but faster wax.
$20 per pair

3. New ski base prep  - New skis need a lot of work to get fast, this service will include, cleaning all debris out of skis (hot scrape),
Fibretex brushing to get cut all micro hairs out of the ski. + Ultimate Heat Box  $50 per pair

4. Cleaning by hot wax scrape to get all dirt out of base.  $5

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