Sunday, December 29, 2013

Our First Race!

Nothing like having 60 km/hr winds, heavy snowfall, and plummeting temperatures to set the stage for Downtown Nordic's first actual race this last Saturday.   Ruth and Esther were early leaders, but Murray Carter put in a late surge to take victory.

Thanks to Megan for timing.  Thanks to Yvette, Catherine, and two unknown skiers for cheering on the racers.  Thanks to Jacek for his cameo appearance (as you'll see in the video).  And thanks to Sue and Mia for for being our "Ski Patrol" by sweeping the course for any injured racers two hours after the completion of the race.

                              Official Finish Time    Handicap Time   Actual Time
Murray C                    25:52                            9:00                 16:52 
Steve S                        26:18                            7:45                 18:33
Sean C                        26:39                            9:00                 17:39
Brian H                       26:56                            7:45                  19:11
Esther M                     27:18                            2:00                  25:18
Jim M                          28:23                            3:00                  25:23
Ruth H                        28:30                             0:00                  28:29
Jason H                       32:54                             6:45                  26:09
Joanne S                      32:54                            2:00                  30:54

Slightly embellished video: