Saturday, December 7, 2013

Last Yellowstone update

I got a little behind on the blog ... here is the last update from DN's Elite team in Yellowstone:

We all seem to be feeling less sore as the week progresses but are feeling very fatigued from the training volume, and feeling the effects of training at an elevation of almost 7000 feet.
David continued with his clinic today while the rest of us hit the trails to get as much skiing in paradise before returning to the loops at Windsor Park. Ben, Stig, Gyula and Esther started with classic skiing in the AM. Ben was loving it, and we got over 23 km in before lunch. We watched the Supertour freestyle sprints. Very exciting to see such powerful skiers, and Ben was able to see those he would be competing against tomorrow in the 15 km distance event.
In the afternoon, we reluctantly pulled ourselves out of our beds, and returned to skate the trails. Esther and Gyula soon lagged behind Ben and Stig, who ended up skiing  50 km today.   They also hit 59.2 km/h on the telemark hill. Hoping to hit sixty tomorrow.
There was once again free beer, hot chocolate and s'mores at the end of the trails.  Great atmosphere, and so inspiring to be surrounded by such fit people. They make us feel like slobs as they get up and run in the morning before skiing. Average person here has 6% body fat.
Tonight we all plan to go listen to the keynote speaker, ex Olympian Dan Simoneau.