Saturday, December 8, 2012

Annual General Meeting & Elections

We had our annual general meeting on Thursday night.

The meeting went something like this:

7:16PM Tim nervously calls meeting to order

7:17PM Tim and Steve bicker over details of the meeting

7:18PM Steve presents the 2012 club financial statements; club members loudly applaud

7:21PM Elections are held for the 2012-2013 term
                  Tim is elected President by a vote of 23 for and 1 against
                  Steve is elected Treasurer by a unanimous vote
                  There was a call for volunteers to run for position of Secretary:
                     Esther briefly scratched her cheek and was immediately voted in as Secretary.

7:25PM Cory motioned that we go for a ski ... so we went skiing

Here is your club executive for the next season:

President Tim:

Secretary Esther:

Treasurer Steve: