Monday, December 24, 2012

Road Trip!

Last Friday, a few of us headed west to the ski trails of Birch.  Tim, Cory, Bubble Boy (new nickname for Ken), and myself were looking for some hills to ski so we set out on a road trip.

Tim loading up the Downtown Nordic team Volvo:

We're almost there:

Tim gets a little rambunctious sitting in a car, so it was nice to finally let him out:

Tim changing into his ski clothes.  This was just before the photo shoot for the "Men of Downtown Nordic" 2013 Calendar.  (The calendars make great last-minute Christmas gifts!)

The grooming was in progress when we got there:

Tim and Cory stopping at the top of the big hill out of the valley.  I was waiting for them all day :)

Descending into the valley:

Tim now telemarking his way down:

This was the last photo before I smashed into him:

This was the view from the ambulance on the way home :)