Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Training and stuff

Thursday training will be classic technique led by Tim.  Meet at 7:30 at Windsor Park.

Last night, we had our first intensity training session of the season with 25 DN athletes making it out.  We're slowly working throught he growing pains of so many people doing intervals in a small area, but it appeared most people were "happy" with the workout ... particularly the fact that I brought chocolate milk for everyone as a post-workout recovery drink.

As an aside, over many years of training and racing, I've found that a large amount of chocolate milk is NOT a good PRE-workout drink.

I'm typing this from Canmore right now where the latest round of the Cross-Country World Cup is being held.  I'm skiing a bit today and tomorrow, and then on Thursday watching the 15km classic race.

The race course was open today and I got to ski with a number of national teams.  Photos and stories coming soon.

Gotta run, Team Sweden needs some help with their technique.