Saturday, December 8, 2012

We start intensity training this week - ON MONDAY

This week we start intensity training.  But, as you'll see below ... for the first couple of sessions, it will be set up so everyone in the club can participate

Also, on technique nights, you pick whatever technique you want ... we make it work for all techniques and speeds.

This week, for this week only, we will  be doing intensity training on Monday night.  We'll generally do this on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season.

The plan for our first two intensity sessions is to break things ito three groups.  You get to choose which group you want to be in.  If you are unsure, don't hesitate to ask my advice on which group to be in.

1) Technique group -- the people that aren't ready to jump into intensity training and who may also want to take a look at what we do on intensity nights.  Also, if you haven't been skiing regularly, you should probably be in this group.

2) Fitness group -- participate in the first half of the intensity training session

3) Racing group -- do the full intensity session

Insensity training will involve a variety of intervals that I will set out at the start of the night.  Warm-up starts at 7PM; intervals start at 7:20PM and go for about 30 to 40 minutes.

We will be skiing on the first fairway at Windsor Park -- when you come out of the clubhouse, you go left.

The intensity sessions will progress gradually over the course of the season.  If you want to get real fit this winter, you won't want to miss these sessions.  See you MONDAY.

(Did I mention this week's intenstiy session is on MONDAY?)